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Term 2 After School Activity Schedule

Please see the attachment for the after school activity calendar for term 2.  Term 2 Afterschool Activites



Pre-K Geckos Week 8 & 9 »

Dear Parents and Friends, In the 8th week, the Geckos had more amazing times exploring our theme “Community Helpers”. They are learning songs about doctors (“Ms. Polly had a Dolly)” and performed a dramatic play with the song where they can be a doctor, Ms. Polly or a dolly who was sick. They also visited […]


Pre-K Starlings – Term 1 – Final Week »

Dear Parents and Friends,   TUDO AZUL??? In Brazil we use this expression, which literally means: Is everything blue?, to say that everything is doing great! Isn’t incredible that our first term is already over? Time flies, but in Bali it goes even faster! I would like to  take this opportunity to wish you all […]


Our First Mudpit! »

This week Kindy experienced their very first mudpit session and we certainly had a blast! We would like to also thank some of the parents who joined in for the fun. For the thematic lesson we still discussed the alphabet; the letters that we focused on this week were H for Heart, I for Ice cream, and […]

Grade 1A

Grade 1 »

Dear Parents, Tonight’s homework is to write a thank you letter. The children can use the paper sent home, or another if they wish. It is up to the children to decide who they want to write to. Some suggestions are the maintenance staff who work so hard in our gardens, and classrooms(Ibu Karya who […]

Grade 2A

Number Patterns in Grade 2A »

Dear Parents, Grade 2A has started a new thematic unit called Number Patterns. This theme discusses more about the patterns in numbers, symbols, shapes, colors, etc. Last week, the students made necklaces or bracelets from things in nature such as flowers, leaves, egg plants, tomatoes, and many more. The students also made a card decorated […]

Grade 2B

2B blog, Thursday 30th January 2014 – Week 4 »

This week, 2B and middle school started off the Cleaning up the World campaign program at Green School. 2B spent around half an hour going around the community surrounding Green School (Banjar Saren) picking up the rubbish. The children in group A noticed that people in this area love to drink the tea in the […]

Grade 3A

Term 2! »

Welcome back 3A parents! Hope you all had a wonderful break. Thank you all so much for coming to the open house last term. The students were so excited presenting and performing for you all. We wrapped up the term with a trip to the Cultural Center, where the kids immersed themselves in some true […]

Grade 3B

End of Dwelling »

Our Dwellings theme culminated in a trip to Taman Nusa, a massive cultural centre displaying full-sized replicas of homes from around Indonesia and activities from the different islands. Halfway through exploring our second house and discussing its features, one student remarked, “Hey, this is actually a really cool field trip!” Surprise! History, geography, and culture […]

Grade 4A

4A- Last week of Term 1 »

Dear Grade 4A parents, This week was filled with Balinese culture. The students prepared Saraswati Day offerings and learned about the Goddess of knowledge in Indonesian culture class. In our Balinese Hero Legends thematic we have been practicing a Kecak song and we are starting to prepare “green” shadow puppets to use for our reenactment […]

Grade 4B

Grade 4B awesome activities! »

Dear Parents, we had another great time last week!  Pak Zach and Ibu Rizka came to our class sharing experience climbing mountain. This is related to our math lesson which is comparing highest and lowest. In Green studies with Pak Brett, students learned about mountain watershed. we wrap a scrap paper and shaped it like a mountain, […]

Grade 5A

Grade 5 and Grade 6 – A Taste of Middle School on May 8 »

We are excited to be welcoming the grade 5 students for a middle school experience on Thursday, May 8th.  The grade 6 students will host and begin the visit with an ice-breaker game to help students get to know each other.  They will then lead an introduction to the MS schedule highlighting our C.O.R.A.L Fridays […]

Grade 5B

5b – Last Two Weeks of Term 1 »

Few words for these two busy weeks. Here are photos from all the activities and event 5b graders were joining in. Look how engaging and having a lot of fun they are! Finally, may we take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy, safe and enjoyable Mid Semester break when it eventually arrives. […]

Middle School

Sarah Bilal- language arts »

Welcome back everyone from spring break! I was very impressed today when I asked the students what they did during break, and one boy said he read a lot! During the next four weeks, our focus will be on reading comprehension. We are reading short stories, some of which are current affairs. As always, I […]

High School

A Special Opportunity From Our Friends at Green Camp »

Our friends at Green Camp are organizing an overseas 7 day trip to South Sulawesi for ages 13 -16 to ring in the New Year in true Green School/ Camp fashion. Here’s whats on the agenda: Snorkelling trips Boat trips Cave explorations Back-yard gardening Visit to award- winning Green School Visit to local phinisi boat building communities […]

Week Ahead

Re(cycle) Re(use) Rabu {Bring your recyclables to Kembali This Wednesday} »

RE(DUCE) RE(USE) RABU STARTS THIS WEDNESDAY, 3 SEPTEMBER As part of the Middle and High School ‘Jalan Jalan’ Wednesdays the students are launching ‘RE RE RABU’. The idea of RE RE RABU is to encourage the GS Community to recycle more and to bring it in to KemBali (and maybe your neighbours recycling too !!). […]

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Term 2 After School Activity Schedule »

Please see the attachment for the after school activity calendar for term 2.  Term 2 Afterschool Activites


Term 2 After School Activity Schedule »

Please see the attachment for the after school activity calendar for term 2.  Term 2 Afterschool Activites